About Us



Quaintbox started as a desire to fulfill a personal need I had, as a homebody and introvert, to find a product and service that was developed for the sole purpose of creating moments of relaxation and contentment throughout my day. 

A few years ago I was introduced to the Danish concept of "hygge", or creating a cozy atmosphere through dim lighting, soft textures, and the seeking of joy in small pleasures. I immediately realized there was a name for the thing I had been trying to do my whole life-- creating spaces and environments that felt warm and comfortable, cherishing the small and beautiful ordinary moments, and taking time to seek out solitude to recharge. As an introvert, this is not just something I enjoy doing, but a necessity to create balance and calm in my life. The more I talked with others, the more I realized that I was not alone, and just how many other people craved and valued this type of time spent at home as well.

Then one morning last fall I walked into my kitchen, the house still in its pre-dawn darkness, and felt an overwhelming urge to light a candle, make a cup of tea and create a moment of quiet and comfort. I looked on my kitchen table where a subscription box that I had received the day prior sat and wished that somehow it was filled with that candle and tea and maybe some fuzzy socks to help me take advantage of this perfect hygge moment. But there wasn't. And that's when Quaintbox was born.

Our goal at Quaintbox is to bring you a hygge-inspired box of products that makes you love being at home, that helps you curate joy and beauty in ordinary moments, and brings a sense of well-being to your life through small pleasures. No matter how much stress, anxiety, or responsibilities we face, no matter how many uncomfortable situations we have to be in, or small talk we have to make, one thing remains constant: at the end of the day, we all come back home. We want Quaintbox to be there waiting for you when you do.